FUSO 2010
28 JUL > 31 JUL


klaus rinke
    Alemanha, 1971, 3:43 min
In the 1970’s, water and bodies are the central elements in Klaus Rinke’s work. He, therefore, stays in that vein to also produce a video tape in a swimming bath together with Gerry Schum in 1971. We see Rinke from above as he repeatedly takes deep breaths, dives down into the water, holds his breath and surfaces at the last moment. This is repeated 18 times as the dives become shorter and shorter and the artist more and more exhausted until he swims out of the lane. That closes the first part of Inhalation.
The second part shows a reversal. We see Rinke’s head in profile; he takes up a glass of water and drinks a litre at one go. The dangerous element has become one vital to life.