FUSO 2010
28 JUL > 31 JUL


c. o. paeffgen
    Germany, 1975, 9:59 min
The Shirt first, Art second is part of “Umwicklungen” (wrappings) – a group of works which first brought the artist to the attention of the public. A t-shirt, which the artist himself had previously taken off, makes the raw material for this video. With wire wrapped all around it, it becomes a sculpture which is then mounted on a wall. The viewer can witness this metamorphosis – the upgrading of a mundane object to a work of art – in real time. In the end, however, the production process is reversed: The t-shirt sculpture is taken down from the wall, the object unwrapped and put on again.
Duchamp’s concept of the readymade is congenially extended in Paeffgen’s work.