project for the internationalization of portuguese performing arts
The high creativity of Portuguese artists expressed on originality and artistic quality of their works, it’s not yet recognized internationally.
Thus, in early 2010, DuplaCena funded a study by Simge Gucuk (Project manager for Performing Arts at Marseille Provence - European Capital of Culture 2013), for the development of a project to implement a strategy on internationalization of portuguese performing arts.
First, we heard production structures, cultural agents and artists, and by crossing the information gathered, we synthesize their difficulties and needs in the field of internationalization.
In collaboration with alkantara, at Atelier RE.AL, DuplaCena organized a round table in order to rethink and develop strategies for effective internationalization of portuguese performing arts.
The result was surprising. All entities invited, without exception, including the DGArtes and GPEARI, were represented and participated actively and constructively in this brainstorming.