MNAA olhares contemporâneos – residência fundação EDP
The MNAA Contemporary Visions exhibition was based upon António FIlipe Pimentel’s idea of setting up a photography exhibition for the museum’s garden. The works now presented are the result of the EDP Foundation residency program at the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga. In the spirit of the museum’s receptivity to contemporary points of view, the attempt was not to repeat previously used formats, in which the artists’ work was based on a specific piece, a certain period or on the museological context itself. The project of an artistic residency at the museum adds to these themes the possibility of having the artists work within the museum’s own routine , discovering its least accessible areas, and in close contact with its contents, providing them with opportunity to include these aspects in their artistic views, thoughts and practices. In this context, Catarina Botelho, João Ferro Martins, João Paulo Serafim, João Serra, Patrícia Almeida + David-Alexandre Guéniot, Ramiro Guerreiro and Sandra Rocha were invited to work for a week, along with the curators and technical staff, in the museum.. The dialogue between all was fruitful. And the result is now delivered, in the form of images, displayed in MUPI outdoor light boxes that punctuate the garden. Outdoors, yet still within the museum, these works participate in the landscape and in the diversity of ages of which the museum is a living witness