6 > 16 OCT
carlos pimenta, luciana fina and mónica calle

Senso, a novel like a diary, was published in 1883 and is considered the more significant work of Camillo Boito. It was adapted for film, by Luchino Visconti in 1954.

Sensoe, in Italian, has the meaning of sense, feeling and sensuality. A brief word that summarizes nearly all the work.
With all of this, is done the personality of the protagonist, Countess Livia Serpieri.

Taking as reference the literary form of Boito's secret notebook and theatricality of the film form and style of Visconti, this dramatic construction lives between the time of representation and time of a portrait, playing with the presence of the character and the theater conventions, the artificiality of the drama and the value and effectiveness of brute reality.


Staging: Carlos Pimenta
Performer: Mónica Calle
Video: Luciana Fina
Costumes Design: Filipe Faísca
Sound Hugo Reis
Light Design Daniel Worm D'Assumpção
Production TNDMII in collaboration with the Festival TEMPS D'IMAGES 2005 / DUPLACENA (Lisbon)