a tempestade
Ana lives in an isolated village surrounded by a large lake with her three year old child, to whom she gave birth when she was very young, and her husband who does not seem to have much to do with her. The temporary return of Daniel, an older guy who she barely remembers, will destabilize her soul and secretly threaten the order of her life. If initially the lake seems to isolate the characters in a closed world, as they approach and dwell it, we begin to understand how much it is part of a strong imaginary where reality meets the childhood world, the wide world of dreams. The encounters (and failures in meetings) that mark this story take place near this lake, either in the morning, when the light still gives it an enigmatic tone, or at the end of the day, with the warm and sweet light of sunset, just before the arising of the shadows when everything is involved in its darkness.
Direction: Teresa Garcia
With:Cláudio da Silva e Rita Piroleira
Music: Durya Turkan e Kudsi Erguner
Cinematography: Pascal Poucet
Editing: Pierre-Marie Goulet
Screenplay: Teresa Garcia
Lenght: 40 minutes
Genre: Fiction
Year: 2012