irit bastry
Irit Batsry’s Warning Palace is a new site-specific series of installations made of industrial yellow and red tapes printed with the words “Caution” and “Danger”. It includes an outdoor installation in the garden and several Caution/Danger canvas units that are set into some of the large-scale windows of Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa to become part of the architecture. The sun, acting as a ‘projector’, activates on the surface of each canvas a subtle moving image thus turning it into a hybrid between a painting, a sculpture, and a time-based work. A videoloop including an intervention by the artist in Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa complements this series of works that addresses notions of time, light, indoor and outdoor space, limits and boundaries. Boundaries and transgression are also at the core of The Yellow Line (in the white gallery), a large-scale installation in which the viewers are surrounded by video projections of people watching behind security tapes.
The installation juxtaposes the sumptuous architecture of the palace with the urgency of street life in the Sertão in North East Brazil were the people that appear to be staring at the viewers were filmed looking at the film set of O Céu de Suely by Karim Ainouz.
The work subverts ideas about exclusion and inclusion, center and periphery. The margins of the set become the center of attention. Prevented from entering the film set, the onlookers on location become the subject of this work as well as its “actors”. The yellow line - a thin separation between the quotidian and cinematic artifice - becomes a protagonist.
Both installations were developed during Irit Batsry’s 2012 residency in Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa along with a third installation (in progress) in which the artist attached clusters of film (celluloid) to the branches of the two Celtis Australis trees in Carpe Diem’s garden in order to create a ‘literal’ outdoor projection, activated by the sun and the wind, that blurs the boundaries between a time-based work and a space-based work.