FUSO INSULAR – Azores Video Art Exhibition, follows on from FUSO – Lisbon International Video Art Annual – Education | Knowledge | Audience Training | Promotion of local and national creation

FUSO INSULAR is an initiative that pretends to propel the creation of video works and support emerging artists, by inviting national and international curators to present public sessions and develop educational spaces for the audiovisual on the São Miguel island.


FUSO INSULAR aims to meet the objectives set out in the Azores Archipelago with regard to its educational dimension and originality in the field of new communication technologies and image creation.

By programming a video art exhibition for the Azorean community, FUSO INSULAR aims to foster critical thinking around new media, programming works by national and international artists, whether historical or contemporary, revealing new works to the public in São Miguel.

In an attempt to contribute significantly to the dynamics of local contemporary art, FUSO INSULAR develops a creation laboratory that aims to enhance the training of young artists, investing in education as a way of transforming society.

With special attention to the creation of new audiences, the promotion and enrichment of knowledge of video art also involves the dissemination of works by portuguese artists on the islands, contributing to cultural diversity.

FUSO wants to be INSULAR and expand its audience, promoting art in new exhibition venues and spreading across the islands of the Archipelago, using its enormous past-present-future potential which, with its curators and artists, for 13 years have sedimented and build this story.