In its 3rd edition, FUSO INSULAR returns to the island of São Miguel with an expanded programme. In addition to the three usual sessions of the “Video Art Screenings”, there will be a Film Cycle dedicated to ‘thought and creation’, conceived by guest artist Susana de Sousa Dias.

Susana de Sousa Dias is responsible for the theoretical training of the eight artists who participate in the residency programme, held during the summer at the island of São Miguel. Furthermore, Sousa Dias is curator of one of the sessions of the “Video Art Screenings”, which presents videos by international authors who defy contemporary boundaries, whether natural, human, or virtual.

Another highlight of this edition is the session dedicated to contemporary Portuguese video art. With selection and presentation by the curator Jean-François Chougnet, the program presents works that address the limits and urgency of a world undergoing a pandemic.

The works created by the resident artists of the “Moving Image Lab” will be presented to the public in a special session. Autobiographical or fictional, the works reflect, in a critical but also affective way, the relations of the artists with the territory, its people, and their customs. 

In parallel to the screenings we have the Susana de Sousa Dias Film Cycle, with the exhibition of three films by the director: “Fordlândia Malaise” (2019), portraying the memories and the ruins of the abandoned city founded by Henry Ford in the Amazon in 1928; “Natureza Morta” (2005) seeks to rediscover and cross-examine the images made during the Portuguese dictatorship in order to allow new interpretations, and “48” (2009), a documentary about the 48 years of dictatorship in Portugal (1926-1974), exposed through a series of photographs of political prisoners.

The “Moving Image Lab” and the “Video Art Screenings” are a co-production with Archipelago – Contemporary Arts Center.