VEM – Video Art in Movement is an itinerant fruition experience of iberian and international creations exploring transitional and passing environments. In July and August, a van travel between Lisbon and Madrid exhibiting a programe composed of works by international video artists. 


Both programs have a historical perspective and free classification – so that its open-air attendance, on a summer night, is accessible and of interest to all audiences. The projections are held in small to medium scale environments, removing the works from the traditional exhibition spaces to take them to open public screening.

The videos in the VEM Programe explore themes linked to the ideas of imprisonment, identity construction and affirmation, and also a critical reading of political intervention in the European context, and of Portugal’s colonial past.

Concept: Alisson Ávila and Irit Batsry with the complicity of Mario Gutiérrez Cru
Direction: António Câmara Manuel
Artistic Direction: Alisson Ávila and Irit Batsry
«Van Master», projection, design and website: Mario Gutiérrez Cru
Production Direction: Ana Calheiros
Production Coordenation: Ana Laura Coelho
Technical support: Alexandre Coelho
Production: Horta Seca – Associação Cultural
Coproduction: Duplacena
Produced with the complicity of PROYECTOR/Plataforma de Imagen en Movimiento, Madrid